Days out with the kids in Bognor Regis

When you’re a parent to young children, it’s easy to run out of ideas when it comes to fun things to do with kids – especially when the long holidays roll around.

For parents in Bognor Regis, this isn’t such a problem. One thing we love about our town is the massive amount of stuff there is for children to do all year round.

After all, it isn’t a holiday destination for nothing! There is simply so much for kids to do in Bognor Regis that parents are literally spoilt for choice.

Here are six of the best:

Flying Fortress

This is a firm favourite with families all over the area. Based in Ford, just a short drive away from Bognor Regis town centre it is situated in a huge aircraft hangar and features a massive soft play area for children of all ages.

The largest part stretches from floor to ceiling and is shaped like an aeroplane. Parents can get plenty to eat and drink, while children, from babies to teenagers, can enjoy the different play areas, bounce on the huge trampolines, or even have a game of pool.


Butlins Bognor Regis is a great place to go for a day out, whatever age you are, but once there, the amount of stuff for children specifically to enjoy is endless.

From fairground rides and soft play, to live entertainment shows and the water park, a day really isn’t enough to enjoy all that Butlins has to offer the town.


What could be better than a day spent on the beach, especially when it’s a beach that just so happens to be located in the sunniest town in Britain!

Bognor Regis certainly has plenty of beaches to choose from, all of which are gorgeously clean and have plenty of refreshments, such as candy floss and ice cream nearby. That’s always handy for when paddling, building sandcastles and a good dose of sea air wears out the little ones.

Hotham Park

If ever there was a place in Bognor Regis to learn to ride a bike, it’s here. Hotham Park has long winding pathways that take you through the delightful park, taking in all the trees and stunning greenery along the way.

It’s a beautiful place to stop for a picnic, get a bite to eat at the lovely cafe, play on the park, take a sail on the boating lake, or even have a ride on the train that runs around it. Hotham Park also regularly plays host to a variety of popular events and festivals, so it’s definitely worth looking out for those.

The Base Skatepark

Here you’ll find all kinds of of ramps, banks, and grind ledges ready for avid skaters, bladers, skateboarders and scooter fans to throw themselves about on.

The safe atmosphere makes it a perfect setting for youngsters from the age of nine and there’s even a foam pit to help with the soft landings, while developing and perfecting the skills.

Bognor Museum

Museums have cast off the boring stereotype these days and provide somewhere really interesting to explore. At Bognor Museum you can find out about the town’s early history, when it moved from being a small fishing village into the popular seaside resort it is today.

Exhibits include rocks and fossils, displays of vintage cameras and a recreated Victorian kitchen, selection of old radios and scale models of local attractions.


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