Christmas in Bognor Regis

Unique Christmas sculpture for Bognor Regis Town Centre

Bognor Regis town centre is hosting a unique Christmas Sculpture this festive season.  Local sculptor Samuel Lloyd has created a three and a half metre tall structure that will stand tall at the junction of High Street and London Road.

The sculpture, which will be revealed to the public on Friday 20thNovember, is based around the design of a giant candy cane and includes symbols of Christmas, such as a snow globe and children’s toys.  Created using sustainable or recycled materials, the sculpture reflects the idea of Christmas being a time for giving gifts, with a reminder of our responsibility to the environment and the impact of plastic waste.

Artist Samuel Lloyd said, “This has been an amazing project to work on for the last few months with my son and assistant, Isaac Lloyd (age 9).What you throw away, we love to reuse and finding these materials is essential to the process. The toys, which were donated by the local charity shops, have been reconfigured to create a large scale sculpture. The different materials used has been key to establishing its distinctive appearance. It was a fun and exciting project to work on and we are looking forward to seeing it being installed and up over the Christmas period.”

The sculpture has been commission by the Bognor Regis Business Improvement District, and is an extension of the “Community Forest”, celebrating the town’s community based businesses, organisations and artists.  Bognor Regis BID Chairman, Jason Passingham said “Samuel’s creation has far surpassed our expectations – the initial design concept was fabulous, and the way that Samuel has realised the project is absolutely amazing.  The BID is thrilled to be showcasing this hugely talented local artist, who has created something unique for Bognor Regis this Christmas – no other town will have anything like it. “

The sculpture will be installed on Friday 22ndNovember, and in its location at the junction of London Road and Hight Street until 5thJanuary 2019. To see more of the Christmas events taking place in Bognor Regis visit our Christmas page!


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