LETS ALL COME TOGETHER… What is the Community Gathering?

It is an opportunity for Community minded groups to come together and share knowledge of what they do… Sharing is caring and if we care about our Community it will be stronger, safer and more welcoming. How does it work? You are given two minutes (and two minutes ONLY) to say: I am… I am representing… Our dream, passion, aim is… What we can do for the Community… What we need from the Community…

What happens if I go over two minutes? You wont… because I have a BIG BELL and I ring it when it gets to two minutes…

Bring a pen and paper to jot down any comments or interest you have in anything that anyone says so that when we are finished you can continue chatting over a cuppa and a custard cream and make connections, partnerships and friendships that will benefit the whole Community.

This is an opportunity to bring us all together. No matter if it will be your first time at the Community Gathering or your fourth please please please come along and re-light the Community Spirit. LETS MAKE THIS THE BIGGEST ONE YET!!! THE SECRET OF CHANGE IS TO FOCUS YOUR ENERGY NOT ON FIGHTING THE OLD, BUT BUILDING THE NEW… For more information please feel free to call the Front Room or pop in for a chat, cuppa and a custard cream..


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