Have you ever wanted to go to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival but its just so far, far away??  All is not lost! We at Laughing George Comedy Club have decided to bring the Edinburgh Comedy Festival to you! Over 8 weeks from 6th June to 26th July 2019 you can enjoy 16 shows that will be gracing the Edinburgh stages this year! Laughing McGeorge Summer Festival of Comedy is born! Each Friday we will showcase 2 shows, each are around an hour long and there will be a half hour break in between to enjoy a drink downstairs or in the garden, tickets for each night cost only £10 each! That is just £5 per Edinburgh show! Come along and support the comedians that are travelling from afar to entertain you down South! FRIDAY 5TH JULY 2019 8.00PM – MATT HOSS – HERE COMES YOUR MAN 9.30PM – JANET GARNER & PAUL COX – COMMON PEOPLE (AGAIN) HERE COMES YOU MAN – MATT HOSS Matt Hoss is a hopeless romantic, (with “hopeless” being the operative word). This upbeat stand-up comedy hour looks positively at Matt’s failed attempts at dating. For Matt, romance is a minefield and love is worry. He hilariously discusses awkward sexual encounters, racist girlfriends and seducing ladies with poetry. Matt analyses the heart of break-ups, why they hurt and why it’s good to go through them. Come along and see Matt’s heart-warming tales about rejection & acceptance. Eric Barker Award Winner 2015 “Warm and endearingly funny” – NARC magazine “Really funny” ** – Broadway Baby “Lovely” – The Guardian “Fan Favourite” The Ocelot COMMON PEOPLE (AGAIN) – JANET GARNER & PAUL COX Janet Garner and Paul Cox are ordinary, common people and very happy with it.They aren’t trying to educate anyone, teach them where they are going wrong or how they should think and if they were it would be dangerous to listen. All they want is to take your mind off the world and enjoy an hour of belly laughs. This is what happens when comedy comes out of the council estate, so come and have a laugh if you think you’re hard enough. New act of the year 2018 Finalist. South Coast Comedian of the Year Finalist “Janet is the dogs bollocks” Russell Kane “Echoes of Micky Flannigan” Bruce Desou


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