Yarn Bomb

Yarn Bomb hits Bognor Town Centre Spreading Colour to raise Awareness for Dementia Support

On Thursday 19th September as the residents of Bognor Regis were waking up to go to work and school they were met with a colorful surprise! The town had been Yarn Bombed!

Pinks Parlour have partnered up with Dementia Support to raise awareness of all the good work they do and in particular why people should sign up to become a Dementia Friend.

Along with donating a percentage of the takings of each scoop of rum and raisin gelato that is hand made on the premise at Pinks Parlour, they have also coordinated this Yarn Bomb which has been created by generous volunteers throughout the country. There have been individuals, students and staff from the University of Chichester and Women’s Institutes from across West Sussex all donating their very own creation. Some who were just keen knitters and others because their lives had been affected by Dementia in some way.

Credit: Pinks Parlour

In conjunction with the Dementia Hub in Tangmere, all the staff at Pinks Parlour are trained as Dementia Friends!  The Yarn Bomb is a way of getting businesses, groups and individuals to think about dementia.

Dementia doesn’t care who you are; it could affect us all.  Because public understanding can be poor, people with dementia often feel-and are- misunderstood, marginalised and isolated.  And that means that they are less likely to be able to live independently in their own communities.

We need to create a climate of kindness and understanding, so that everyone affected by dementia feels part of society.

Becoming a Dementia Friend simply means finding out more about how dementia affects a person – and then armed with this understanding, doing small everyday things that help.  For example, being patient in a shop queue, or spending time with someone you know who’s living with dementia.

Every action counts, no matter how small.  Join us in transforming the dementia landscape and ensuring that Bognor Regis is a Dementia Friendly community.’

For further information in becoming a Dementia Friend contact Sage House on 01243 888691.

The Yarn Bomb runs from the top of Waterloo Square along the High Street and up London Road.


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