How to do Half Term in Bognor Regis on a budget

Entertaining young children over the school holidays can be a costly business. Luckily, we’ve got tons of stuff to do in Bognor Regis this half term that won’t cost a penny! 

Not wishing to gloat (much), but we’re so blessed to have some of the most gorgeous beaches which stretch along our West Sussex coastline and they make a great destination for a free day out with the kids this half term. 

If you don’t believe us, then ask yourself why Billy Butlin himself chose to base one of his massively popular holiday resorts right here! 

And it’s not only the beaches, rockpools and endless hours of sunshine that we’re so in love with. Here is our list of free (and nearly free) stuff to do this February half term, if you’re looking for some inspiration…  

Fossil hunting at Bognor Regis Beach

Bognor Regis is a great London Clay location, which makes it really good for fossil hunting, especially for certain types of insects, plant remains, brachiopods and bivalves – and some of the shells are huge! 

Look particularly around Bognor Rocks (carefully), west of the pier and along to Aldwick Rocks for some of the best finds. More details on what to look out for can be found on the UK Fossils Network

Remember to take a spade and hammer! And, if finding fossils seems a bit daunting, start in the smaller leagues and check out who can find the best shells and stones.

Hotham Park mini golf, miniature railway, and play park 

What makes Hotham Park great? The amount of stuff to do there of course! 

The mini golf and miniature railway do cost, but the play park and massive green spaces are all free to use and perfect for keeping the kids entertained for hours on end. That’s when there’s not one of the many free festivals and events going on there, of course!

You can take a picnic and a ball for a kick about, or scooters and bikes to explore the many pathways. And, for a special treat, why not check out the home made ice cream at the Hotham Park cafe at the end? 

As all locals will know, this cafe is the sister of the massively popular Lobster Pot and London Road Cafe and their homemade ice cream is legendary!

Picturedrome Cinema 

Located opposite the railway station, Bognor Regis Picturedrome Cinema is a Grade II listed gem. Not only because of the masses of history that it’s steeped in, but for the fact that you’ll be blown away by how cheap it is to go! 

The cinema might be newly refurbished, but the prices certainly aren’t. You’ll be amazed at how much tickets, drinks and snacks cost when compared to the prices of the bigger cinemas in the area. So if the weather’s rubbish, give it a go! 

Do you know what? We don’t even think we’ve scratched the surface with some of the very best things to do in Bognor Regis this half term on a budget – but we’ve certainly mentioned some of our biggest favourites. Have you got any more to add? 

Enjoy half term! 


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