East Beach

This is the main beach in Bognor Regis, located right by the centre of town and to the east of the Victorian pier.

It’s a mix of shingle and sand, with the latter being exposed at low tide, and is one of the livelier places to park your bucket and spade due to its proximity to the Esplanade. There are food and drink concessions on the seafront to keep caffeine levels buoyant and the beach has lifeguards from 10am to 6pm every day from July until September to keep you buoyant. Check the tide times before you arrive if you want to try your hand at water sports or just go for a dip.

And if you don’t fancy braving the elements, you can enjoy 24/7, 365 webcam livestreams of East Beach provided by our friends at bognorregisbeach.co.uk

Please take all your rubbish home with you and park in designated parking areas. This keeps our beaches clean and means many more people can enjoy our coastline. Thank you.

Bognor Regis Beach by Peter Flude. 20th August 2022
East Beach, Bognor Regis by Peter Flude