Pagham Beach

This sweeping, pebble beach in the village of Pagham is located just to the west of Bognor Regis. The beach is popular for swimming, sailing (there is a yacht club), windsurfing and walking.  There is a nature reserve just to the east of the beach, found past the spit formed at the mouth of Broad Rife. The wetlands and lagoon of the reserve are good for bird watching.  History enthusiasts will be interested in the remains of a World War II Mulberry Harbour platform, and beach huts converted from old railway carriages.

Parking can be found next to the beach, although there is a small cost, which varies depending on the time of the year. There are a number of facilities including cafés, shops and toilets.

We ask that you please take all your rubbish home with you and park in designated parking areas. This keeps our beaches clean and means many more people can enjoy our coastline. Thank you.

Pagham Beach West Sussex by Ian Woolcock