Bognor Coastal Art Trail

20-07-2024 - 21-07-2024

09:00am - 17:00pm

Bognor Coastal Art Trail offers an exciting opportunity to see local artists working and display their art in their own creative space.

The Trail is a seven mile strip that stretches from Pagham to Elmer. The art trail runs the last two weekends in July.

Explore one Trail at a time, or hop around the Venues as you choose; the aim is to offer you the chance to enjoy the art and hospitality of our talented local artists.

The work you will see on the trail is wide and varied, like each individual artist that makes them.  There could be demonstrations, a chance to have a go, materials, tools and equipment on display.  Information on future courses and events. The trail guide will give the visitor a chance to plan their route or follow the whole trail.

It is an experience to see all kinds of art, in the making and purchase unique works of art. Get to know the creative and cultural hub of artists that live and work in the Bognor Regis area