Meet the Author and Book Signing

26-08-2023 - 26-08-2023

12:00pm - 14:00pm

Come along and meet Victoria Hardy, author of MY MENOPAUSE. 350+ pages of memoir, stories from others and information around all types of menopause, helping you find your own pieces of your well-being puzzle…it’s not all about HRT! 40% of this is filled with Journalling space, things to try, write in, doodle, rage, rip out and even burn! No stats, no medical jargon…those books are already out there and are amazing – this is YOUR book, it’s about YOUR menopause experience & it’s your companion to take to those medical appointments, make your important notes in and connect to your badass self. You’ll find your own fierce using it! It’s full of laughs, a good few sweary’s, honesty and filled with illustrations that I hope you’ll love.