Perfect Day Out Arundel Day Trip

The very name Arundel gives away the magical nature of this historic market town, which is set on the edge of the stunning South Downs National Park.

Just a half-hour drive from Bognor Regis, Arundel makes a wonderful day out for people of all ages, because it offers such a unique mix of medieval heritage, combined with delightful walks through forests, in the grounds of the castle and along the riverside, as well as the urban chic of the boutiques, antiques shops, art galleries, museum, cafes and restaurants in the town centre.

From a hill top, Arundel Castle stands majestic on the skyline, giving visitors the chance to take in the beautiful views for miles around, and the presence of the castle, along with the grand 19th century Roman Catholic cathedral gives people an idea of just how stunning this hidden gem is, even as they approach it by car or train.

It’s hard to do Arundel justice in describing its unique rural beauty and high end elegance, but, for anyone looking to spend the day there, here are a few must-dos while you visit the town.

Inside Arundel

Arundel Castle and Gardens

This breathtaking piece of British history has been overlooking the River Arun from the top of a hillside for almost 1000 years. Built at the end of the 11th century by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel, many of the original features of Arundel Castle remain, such as the Norman Keep, medieval Gatehouse and Barbican.

On any day, the magnificent beauty of Arundel Castle is a marvel to behold, but, in addition, you can also get involved in many of the historical events which take place there and learn about its part in British history. Or, you can simply explore the grounds, stopping for a picnic while you take in your stunning surroundings.

Country Walks, Bike Rides and Boat Trips

There are far too many walks and cycle rides to mention when you visit Arundel, but all of them are breathtakingly beautiful and well worth taking a look.

From an amble around Swanbourne Lake, heading on up into the South Downs, to a stroll along the river from the town centre up towards the Black Rabbit pub, you can enjoy being active while you make the most of the delightful views. Or, if being on the water is your thing, you can hire a boat and enjoy a trip along the meandering River Arun.

Dining Out

Whether you prefer a traditional British pub experience, or superb restaurant dining, Arundel has an array of marvellous bars and restaurants to choose from, each and every one in keeping with the elegance and historic nature of the town. Favourites include:

  • Dinner and cocktails at Butlers in Tarrant Street
  • Traditional Italian dining at La Campania or Ristorante Pappardelle on the High Street
  • Fine dining in the chic, airy setting of the Parsons Table in Castle Mews

Pubs to take in include The Red Lion and The Swan Hotel, both of which offer delicious pub food and there’s even a smart Pizza Express restaurant situated at the bottom of the High Street that is perfect for families.

Take The Children

There are some lovely things for children to do in Arundel, in addition to taking in the splendid history and heritage of the town through destinations such as Arundel Castle and Arundel Museum.

On top of the child-friendly dining, and rural adventuring there is to do, for those water babies, there’s the Arundel Lido, which is a lovely outdoor swimming experience on a hot day.

Try following this with a trip to The Parlour on Tarrant Street, where you’ll find a huge choice of shakes, sundaes, waffles, pancakes and of course, many flavours of delicious ice cream!


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